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Daan Roosegaarde, Dune, 2007-11. Hundreds of fibres, steel, microphones, sensors, speakers, software and other media, dimensions variable. Photo: Studio Roosegaarde.
Courtesy: Studio Roosegaarde

25 September 2012 | The Biennale of Sydney, which closed on 16 September 2012, attracted 665,488 visits across all venues, a record for the event.

The biennale, which was presented across five main sites, does not collect data on the average number of venues each visitor takes in, however, making it difficult to compare it to other international art events which typically report on the total number of individual visitors.

Documenta 13, for example, which ran for 100 days over the European summer, recorded a total of 860,000 individual visitors, and the 2011 Venice Biennale attracted 440,000 visitors across all sites.

Nevertheless, the biennale’s results are encouraging. Nodding to the fact that visitation has doubled over the past three editions CEO Marah Braye comments: “The audience response to the exhibition has been extremely positive and we are delighted to welcome increasing numbers of visitors to the biennale, continuing the enormous growth we’ve experienced over the past six years.”

The next edition will take place in 2014 under the supervision of artistic director Juliana Engberg.

Jane O'Sullivan

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