4A goes to Shanghai - Art Collector

9 July 2012 | Sydney’s 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art has been selected to present the Sydney Pavilion at this year’s Shanghai Biennale.

4A will be charged with exploring the relationships and histories shared by Shanghai and Sydney.

The centre is one of a number of arts organisations from around the world that have been invited to participate in the biennale, which this year has been given the theme reactivation by curators Qiu Zhijie, Boris Groys, Jens Hoffman and Johnson Chang. This theme is broadly about the vitality of contemporary art, but also incorporates topics relating to urban space, communities, daily life and cultural exchange.

4A is bringing chief curator Qiu Zhijie out to Sydney to speak. The event, originally scheduled for 10 July 2012, has had to be postponed.

The Shanghai Biennale commences 1 October 2012.

Jane O'Sullivan

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