4 Solos: Contemporary artists from southern Sydney - Art Collector

Marc Etherington, I bought a hyena and kept it in the bathroom, 2015. Oil on canvas. Courtesy: the artist and Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre

Four Sydney-based artists Michelle Cawthorn, Marc Etherington, Leahlani Johnson and Paul Williams present four solo exhibitions. While each artist presents their own theme, a common thread is a very personal interpretation to the concept of ‘time’ as each explores ‘time’ through life’s dramas, painful memories, death and 80s nostalgia. For Michelle Cawthorn it’s the passing of time since her mother’s death and the memories which remain for her, for Marc Etherington it’s his childhood of the 1980s, for Leahlani Johnson it’s the parallel times in two different locations and for Paul Williams it’s his relationship with memory and nostalgia.

Exhibition opens: 16 October 2015
Exhibition closes: 6 December 2015
Location: Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre, 782 Kingsway, Gymea, NSW, 2227
Contact: 02 8536 5700
Website: www.hazelhurst.com.au

About the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre
Set amid landscaped gardens, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre has been specifically designed to appeal to the whole community. The combination of a major public gallery with a comprehensive arts centre, cafe, theatrette and community gallery makes a unique creative resource for everyone.

The Regional Gallery presents an exciting and varied exhibition program annually. Drawn from major state, national and international collections, up to three exhibitions are presented at any one time.

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