AGNSW acquires major Sydney Ball work - Art Collector

Photo: Sydney Ball. Courtesy: Sullivan+Strumpf

The Art Gallery of New South Wales has recently announced their acquisition of Great Falls (1976), the major work by Sullivan+Strumpf represented artist Sydney Ball.

At nearly 6 metres wide,
Great Falls is Ball’s largest painting, and was first produced at the peak of the stain painting period.

The work was resurrected by Sydney gallery Sullivan+Strumpf’s retrospective of Sydney Ball’s works (
The Stain Paintings) in 2013. Before this, the painting had been unseen by the public for over 30 years, stored in Ball’s studio in Sydney.

The stain paintings are characterised by their unprecedented scale and new painterliness, with Ball replacing the precisely defined edges and flatness that had characterised his earlier series with floodings of colour and openness. The series includes approximately 100 paintings, which preoccupied Ball for almost a decade.

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