AGSA acquires entire Ben Quilty exhibition - Art Collector

Studio hang of Ben Quilty's Inhabit exhibition, detail. Courtesy: the artist and Grantpirrie, Sydney

8 November 2010 | The Art Gallery of South Australia is in the process of acquiring all of Ben Quilty’s current exhibition, Inhabit.

On view at Grantpirrie in Sydney,
Inhabit comprises a series of paintings along with a sculptural work, a large black birdcage. Empty except for a rather spiky looking perch, the cage was originally intended to house myna birds – an invasive non-native species – though this proved too distressing for the birds.

Turning his attention to another invasive creature, Quilty also presents a series of 16 paintings. Running along a single wall of the Grantpirrie gallery space, the series travels from Captain Cook, who’s portrayed as the devil, to Quilty himself. In the final canvases, the human figure dissolves out of view.

Inhabit has been reserved for purchase, subject to the approval of AGSA’s board.

The exhibition continues at Grantpirrie until 13 November 2010.

Jane O'Sullivan

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