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Collection Management is an active strategy to future-proof your collection. This systematic approach brings clarity and certainty to the organisation of your collection, allowing you to strategically plan its future. It is a process that encompasses the study of your collection and how it is kept, taking into account developments in the art industry and your individual approach. Collection Management is about making your collection accessible, while preserving it through observation, research and planning. It is an important consideration for all collections, including those forming part of superannuation funds.

Implementing Collection Management strategies demonstrates a commitment to professional standards and practices. In an increasingly regulated industry, it enables you, as a collector, to meet your legal and ethical obligations to lenders, potential buyers and/or recipient institutions and agencies, while maintaining the integrity of your assets.

Established to address the changing landscape of collecting art, ARTCELL assists mature private collectors and corporate art collections by providing them with an integrated and extensive Collection Management service. Being a member of various public museum organisations including the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the Australasian Registrars Committee (ARC), Museums Australia and Arts Law, ARTCELL brings a wealth of experience in Collection Management to the private sector.

Being recognised for producing unique narratives, collectors define their commitment, locate their journeys and frame their contribution. The amplified coherence and maturity of your collection gives you the freedom and pleasure to shape the legacy of your cultural footprint.

Speed read
  • Future-proof your collection
  • Identify and reconcile your collection
  • Evidence your ownership with hard and electronic files
  • Preserve your collection
  • Access information through purpose-built databases
  • Draw useful information to make important decisions about your collection
  • Fulfil your superannuation and insurance obligations
  • Reduce freight, installation and hanging risks
  • Secure the best storage options for your collection
  • Minimise liability when lending or consigning your artworks
  • Establish your collection with publications, exhibitions or projects

Above: ARTCELL. Photographer: Inigo Bujedo Aguirre

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