Adam Boyd: Lend me your ear, I'll give you my tongue - Art Collector

'A Wall With Cracks Soon Collapse' (detail) 2016 Ink, pencil, paint on paper 1.5 x 8.7m. Courtesy: the artist and MARS Gallery, Windsor
  At first glance, Adam Boyd’s ‘Lend me your ear, I’ll give you my tongue’ offers viewers a wall of intricate, convoluted lines, punctuated by cracks, slits and, on occasion, windows through which oceans of blank space can be seen. The effect is arresting, almost overwhelming. But at a second glance, things begin to change. What at first seemed a wall becomes a complex pattern of interacting/overlapping forms, clashing perspectives, and zones of intensity, alongside a dizzy variety of visual and verbal puns, allusions, and jokes. Figures appear within figures; pictures are found within pictures; image evokes myth; text hovers on the boundary between word and image; disparate parts cohere to form unexpected wholes; and so on. ‘A wall with cracks soon collapse’, the title of one of Boyd’s large-scale drawings (8.5 metres in length), which flows from high up on one of the gallery walls down into the exhibition space, seems an apt introduction to the exhibition as a whole, particularly if one adds that in this case collapse uncovers a mobile, multi-faceted environment that invites viewers inside its spaces.

Opens: 4-6pm 22 October 2016
Exhibition closes: 26 November 2016
Location: Mars Gallery, 7 James Street, Windsor VIC 3181
Contact: 03 9521 7517

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