Adam Norton: 'Open the pod bay doors please, HAL' - Art Collector

Adam Norton, Airlock Release Panel (Aliens), 2016, synthetic polymer on canvas, 36 x 28 cm. Image courtesy of Galerie pompom and the Artist.

By painting significant props from influential childhood science fiction films and TV, Norton has referenced a number of special science fiction moments, when the individual narratives deal with the interface between the inside and outside of deep space. Together the paintings turn the gallery into a ‘Loading Bay’ of science fiction’s past; the jumping off point for a generation of science fiction obsessed kids.

Exhibition opens: Thursday 16 March, 6–8pm
Exhibition closes: 9 April 2017
Location: 2/27-39 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008
Contact: 0430 318 438
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