Aida Tomescu: Solo exhibition - Art Collector

Aida Tomescu, La Nina, 2013. Oil and pigments on linen, 154 x 184cm. Courtesy: the artist and Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne

Considered one of Australia’s foremost abstract painters, Aida Tomescu’s solo exhibition showcases a suite of seven major paintings and works on paper. There is always a distinct tenor and character to each of Tomescu’s exhibitions, and the high energy of her recent body of work brings at once a feeling of vitality and radiance.

The persistent searching line of Tomescu's drawing has invaded her larger paintings. Congeries of lines ravel and unravel in paintings like
Goldfields and Messiaen, probing deep into the surface of the work, lending depth and substance and striking up a new direction at once intense and playful. In contrast, the downpours of thin paint lash out in paintings such as El Nino or La Nina. While they preserve a feeling of utmost spontaneity they are the result of repeated build up and erasure, of rigorous appraisal, modification and a relentless questioning of the image. Tomescu’s work is well represented in the major museums and regional, university and corporate collections across Australia, New Zealand and the globe.

Exhibition opens: 6pm Wednesday 9 October 2013
Exhibition closes: 9 November 2013
Location: Karen Woodbury Gallery, Level 1/167 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
Contact: 03 9639 5855

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