Alan Garcia: Cortical Remapping - Colour Manifesto - Art Collector

Alan Garcia, c:r//:95678, oil pastel, oil paint and gesso on 24 plywood panels, 249 x 153cm. Courtesy: the artist and Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Through colour and texture Alan Garcia explores the past, present and future. At once quixotic and compelling, these paintings draw you in and keep you there. The work is freeform and premeditated, comprising oil pastel, oil paint and gesso, and raw plywood exerting itself beneath the layers of paint.

Exhibition opens: 1pm Saturday 2 November 2013
Exhibition closes: 16 November 2013
Location: Flinders Lane Gallery, 137 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
Contact: 03 9654 3332

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