Alasdair Macintyre: The Long Martch - Art Collector

Alasdair Macintyre, Helmet, 2014. Polyester resin, polymer clay, acrylic paint, wood, 48 x 38 x 38cm. Courtesy: the artist and Sullivan + Strumpf, Zetland

The stormtroopers, in the epic Star Wars films, were a collective of military personnel. They carried out Imperialist duties, prescribed by the evil Lord Vader, with cool efficiency. This is an interesting choice of imagery, for an artist of politically subversive and culturally critical means. For Alasdair Macintyre, his shiny white warriors are emblematic of universal marching armies, such as the Red Guard and the Nazis – brainwashed and unquestioning, disturbing in their indoctrinated order. They are, for these reasons, a vehicle for Macintyre’s social commentary and creative engagement with art history, theory and practice.

Exhibition opens: 3pm Saturday 19 July 2014
Exhibition closes: 9 August 2014
Location: Sullivan + Strumpf, 799 Elizabeth Street, Zetland NSW 2017

Contact: 02 9698 4696

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