Alberto Garcia-Alvarez: Noranta - Art Collector

Alberto Garcia-Alvarez, ‘2016 (SOL)’, 2016. Mixed media on canvas, 54 x 74.5cm. Courtesy: the artist and Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland.

  In an interview with Leonhard Emmerling before his 2009 St Paul St Gallery exhibition, Alberto Garcia-Alvarez described his visual needs as being “… what my eyes need to see in form, tone and colour in order to compensate; to create my harmony. Each one of us has an accumulation of visual experiences: studies of the human figure, composition and use of colour; light … I need to see things in a particular relation, order or disorder, in a particular mood of light, blacks and ochre. A happy white, a dramatic mess of incoherent gestures. Sadness or indifference.”

Born in Spain, Garcia-Alvarez moved to California in 1960 and then to Auckland where he taught at Elam for twenty years. He had an enormous influence on a generation of New Zealand artists, several of whom are now household names.

Garcia-Alvarez has dedicated his life to the daily practice of painting. This year, at the age of ninety – ‘noranta’ in Catalan - he presents a new suite of three large paintings on canvas alongside a series of works on board and canvas from as early as the 1970s.

Exhibition opens: 6–8pm Tuesday 20 November 2018
Exhibition closes: 21 December 2018
Location: Tim Melville Gallery, 4 Winchester St, Newton, Auckland
Phone: +64 9 378 1500


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