Alexander Boynes: As Above, So Below - Art Collector

Alexander Boynes, ‘As Above, So Below’, 2018. Pigment and enamel on aluminium, 120 x 210cm. Courtesy: the artist and MAY SPACE Gallery, Waterloo. 

  ‘As Above, So Below’ reflects on the loss of the Australian landscape in the drive to extract what is beneath it by the fossil fuel industry; land that before anything else is held in the custody of Traditional Indigenous owners.
This melding of landscape and industry speaks of our failure to invest in a renewable future, as coal, oil and gas extraction dominate the power industry without consequence. Meanwhile standing in a rapidly changing environment, the figure represents both the catalyst and the casualty of these actions. 

Exhibition opens: 3-5pm, Saturday 17 November 2018 

Exhibition closes: 2 December 2018

Location: MAY SPACE, 409b George Street, Waterloo


Phone: 02 9318 1122



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