Alexander McKenzie: Acarsaid - Art Collector

Alexander McKenzie, Advocate’s Island, 2014. Oil on linen, 137 x 197cm. Courtesy: the artist and Martin Browne Contemporary

Alexander McKenzie’s intimately observed landscapes offer a point of collision between the dreamy and the familiar. Whether our connection stems from dimly recalled visits, or whether we have wandered through the shores of his misty settings in our waking dreams, is hard to tell.

McKenzie considers art as a medium between the visible and invisible worlds, where the visual journey provokes an interior one. Yet the artist’s paintings are not allegories in the traditional sense: they depend neither on a pre-determined narrative, nor a particular geographical setting but on personal experience and emotional response.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Thursday 9 October 2014
Exhibition closes: 2 November 2014
Location: Martin Browne Contemporary, 15 Hampden Street, Paddington NSW 2021
Contact: 02 9331 7997

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