Alexandra Standen picked up by TINF - Art Collector

Alexandra Standen, ‘Relics from Romantic Attachments’, 2017. Hand built terracotta with gold glaze, 89 x 37 x 37cm. Courtesy: the artist and This Is No Fantasy, Fitzroy.

Melbourne gallery This Is No Fantasy announced this week their new representation of Sydney-based ceramic artist Alexandra Standen. The gallery say they are “thrilled to be representing the exceptionally talented ceramic artist” who has already undertaken art residencies in Geneva, Tel Aviv and at the Harley Foundation in the United Kingdom.

Standen’s sculptural work straddles functionality and artistic aestheticism. While she references the process of ceramic practice, the precariousness of her forms create a sense of aesthetic unease.

The inherent fragility in Standen’s work nods to the tensions between the physical and emotional spaces which we occupy, coupled with the subjective, cultural and ideological meanings they hold. For Standen, the ideologies of these physical and emotional spaces attach themselves to material objects so that the objects in themselves become metaphors for our emotional human behaviour – precarious and fragile with an air of playfulness.

This Is No Fantasy, based in Fitzroy, will present Standen’s first solo show with the gallery in 2019, after Standen undertakes her recently acquired residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts Residency in Paris in January 2019.

Rose Leake

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