Andrew Antoniou: Curtain Call - Art Collector

Andrew Antoniou, 'Let’s Dance', 2016, charcoal on paper, 100×124 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Tweed Regional Gallery.

“Curtain Call relates to my immersion into the world of theatre, particularly that of the Absurdist movement. In this confined and constructed space we are allowed to focus on the drama of the human condition that is illuminated by un-natural light and given force by plot and characterisation.

The genre of Absurdist Theatre has an open language that is able to utilise symbolism, metaphor, satire and conventional narrative in any combination, lending the imagery of the dramatic form a richness and diversity. Meaning is often cloaked in its complexity.

Within the work there are a series of recurring themes that are given differing contexts and spaces of a theatrical nature within which to exist. These themes are often around the concepts of time, mortality, love, ritual, conflict, and notions of magic and transformation.

I see and express these concepts through figuration (cast), spatial composition (stage set) and narrative flow (script). I work with the idea of a ‘cast of characters’ and develop their roles in successive pieces to enable the viewer to see the possibilities of this approach in the telling of a story.” – Andrew Antoniou, September 2017

Andrew Antoniou is represented by Australian Galleries, Melbourne and Sydney.

Exhibition opens:
27 April 2018
Exhibition closes:
7 October 2018
Tweed Regional Gallery, 2 Mistral Road, Murwillumbah
(02) 6670 2790
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