Andrew Hopkins: Regeneration - Art Collector

Andrew Hopkins, Coincidence. Oil on canvas. 137 x 152cm.

My body of work REGENERATION is a celebration and performance of visual experience. Mixed memories of a specific place, its colour, texture, structure and atmosphere are woven together to generate new space. Organic transformations of renewal, destruction, growth and decay are found in nature and in the built environment, in bushland Australia and India and Nepal. These processes are mimicked in the formulation and layering of paint. The chaos of ramshackle buildings, fluoro pink saris, demolition, floods and trees instruct the dance within the work.

Opening drinks: 6-8pm Tuesday 1 May
Exhibition closes: 23 May 2012
Location: Robin Gibson Gallery, 278 Liverpool Street Darlinghurst
Contact: 02 9331 6692

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