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14 February 2011 | Andy Dinan, the director of Melbourne’s MARS Gallery, is starring in a new community television show called This Week with Gallery Girl.

Dinan confirms a pilot has already been filmed and production has begun on the new series, which will see Dinan attempt to “demystify” exhibition openings.

The show is essentially self-funded, with Dinan confirming that a “team of visual arts, film and TV nuts” are all working on the project for free. They include critic Ashley Crawford and art adviser Ian Rogers, who both participated in filming the pilot.

“We are keen to see the visual arts industry demystified in this country,” says Dinan. “We were all slightly dissatisfied with the media coverage for visual arts and thought we would have a crack it ourselves.”

She adds that the intent is to get off “the beaten gallery track” and interview artists, curators and gallerists who don’t normally receive media coverage.

“As a gallerist I often have access to seeing things that the general public don’t and I thought it would be good for the world to see the art world through fresh eyes,” she says.

The show will air twice a week on c31 in Melbourne, with interstate and international audiences getting a chance to catch Gallery Girl’s escapades on YouTube.

Each episode, filmed only a few weeks ahead of airing, will be 25 minutes long.

“I had never presented a TV show but thought it couldn’t be as hard as running a commercial gallery,” quips Dinan.

And the story behind the show’s rather comic book name? Dinan says Gallery Girl is what her biggest client always calls her.

This Week with Gallery Girl will begin airing on c31 and YouTube on 6 March 2011.

Jane O'Sullivan

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