Angela Bakker, Tara Bromham, Danielle Day, Alexandra Frasersmith and Sarah Murphy: Bio Mimic - Art Collector

Danielle Day, Shelf Fungi 2017. Cast Brass. 3.25 x 7.2 x 6.7cm. Courtesy of The Artist and ANCA Gallery, Canberra.

Bio Mimic is an exhibition with five Canberra artists who investigate the biological world through different materials and processes, including glass, plastics, creams and textiles. All of the artists in the exhibition use the aesthetics of the natural world to inform their art practice through the observation, replication and abstraction of organic growth systems. The result is an exhibition that showcases a collection of vessels that are as unique and complex as nature itself.

Exhibition Opens: 6pm-8pm, Wednesday 15 November 2017
Exhibition Closes: 3 December 2017
Location: ANCA Gallery, 1 Rosevear Place, Dickson ACT 2602
Contact: +61 2 6247 8736
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