Anna Austin: Second City - Art Collector

Anna Austin, Point Lonsdale. Mezzotint and embossing, 46cm x 40cm (framed).

Remembrance, communication, and distance permeate the cut paper bouquets of Anna Austin. Ms. Austin’s use of mezzotint breaks the flatness of the traditional silhouette. The smoothed surfaces of the imagery emphasize shape and form rather than simple outline.

Similarly, the embossed letters add texture while undermining the idea that postcards are to be written on. Now the paper actually contains the label of the place. Through collage and embossment, the works take on a sculptural component. They are not merely works on paper but of paper, mimicking the shallow relief of the copper printing plates from which they were made.

Opening drinks: 6-7pm Wednesday 8 February
Exhibition closes: 27 February 2012
Location: The Art Vault, 43 Deakin Avenue, Mildura VIC
Contact: 03 5022 0013

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