Another major commission for Andrew - Art Collector

Brook Andrew, The Cell, 2010. 3D rendered image of work, PVC vinyl and fan. 1250 x 600 x 300cm. Commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation. courtesy: the artist and Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne.

29 June 2010 | Following close on the hells of his work for the National Portrait Gallery, Brook Andrew will shortly unveil another major commission.

Titled Cell, the large-scale interactive piece has been commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation in Sydney and is covered in Andrew's trademark Wiradjuri diamond patterning. Viewers can also pull on a patterned jumpsuit to climb inside - choosing either to be a virus contaminating the cell or a prisoner doing time inside it.

''The original idea for The Cell came from an Australian perspective,'' he explains. ''It's like you become an inmate or asylum seeker but increasingly I'm looking at how we connect with local non-indigenous experiences of loss, asylum and genocide. The Cell is a monument to such stories, it's a quiet space for contemplation, disorientation and spectacle.''

The work will be unveiled at SCAF on 8 July and will be on view until 18 September 2010. It will also be shown at Brisbane's Institute of Modern Art later in the year.

Jane O'Sullivan

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