Arie Hellendoorn: Looking for the Oasis - Art Collector

Courtesy: the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf, Zetland
      Like optical illusions, New Zealand-based artist, Arie Hellendoorn will present a new body of vi- brant psychedelic paintings at Sullivan+Strumpf.

Subverting the traditional and formal conventions of portraiture, the exhibition Looking for the Oasis focuses on the inner workings of the human form, revealing the mental states of the mind. The energetic paintings are made up of a congregation of interrelated colours, shapes and marks, confined within abstracted human silhouettes.

The artist says of his work “my interests are more concerned with what happens inside the human head than what lies on the surface”.

Hellendoorn’s unrestrained paintings intend to destablise the viewer at the moment of realising the underlying figurative details of the works. Assuming a range of identities –left to the interpretation of the viewer– Hellendoorn’s amorphous figures exist within a painted conversation. The distinguishing facial features have melted away into a homogenous pool of nonsensical smatterings and contrasting dabs of colour.

Grounded by an ongoing investigation into the human figures and biological makeup, the imagery in Hellendoorn’s painting are intentionally strange and distorted; drawing attention to the fluid nature of ideas and meaning.

Exhibition opens: 3-5pm Saturday 23 May 2015
Exhibition closes: 13 June 2015
Location: Sullivan + Strumpf, 799 Elizabeth Street, Zetland NSW 2017
Contact: 02 9698 4696

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