Art Central Hong Kong: In pictures - Art Collector

Thomas Canto's Suspended Horizon, installation view, Art Central Hong Kong 2016.

Art Collector reports from on the ground at Art Central Hong Kong. Read on for some of our favorite fair highlights. Art Central runs until Saturday 26 March 2016.

Locust Jones' beautiful installation Back to the Dark Ages, part of Projects at Art Central Hong Kong 2016.

Jasper Knight at Chalk Horse Gallery.

Peter Adsett at Paulnache.

Lan Zhenghui's Ink Monument. Installation as part of Projects.

Installation view at Sydney's M Contemporary Gallery.

Dominik Mersch at Dominik Mersch Gallery, Presenting works by Clemens Krauss, Dani Marti, Jon Cattapan, Marion Borgelt and Janet Laurence among others.

Dani Marti and Dominik Mersch Gallery.

Captivating install at Marc Strauss Gallery, New York.

Installation view at Johyun Gallery, Busan.

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