Art Money in Auckland - Art Collector

Auckland Art Fair 2013, installation view. Courtesy: the artist and Auckland Art Fair

Looking for an easier and more affordable way to collect the art you love? Visitors to Auckland Art Fair 2016 can take advantage of Australia-based loan scheme Art Money when buying at the fair. The scheme gives collectors the opportunity to expand and build their collections in an affordable and accessible way.

An on the spot credit check and 10 per cent deposit paid direct to the gallery provides buyers with an instant 10 month interest free loan between $675 and $18,000. The work can be taken home immediately and the remaining balance is spread over an additional nine equal monthly automatic payments. The loan can also be used to partially pay for works of greater value than $18,000 and can be spread across more than one work. It can even cover freight costs, if the freight is included in the total artwork price from the gallery.

Art Money is the world’s first commercial art loan scheme and is based on similar programs in the United Kingdom, Europe and Tasmania. It is designed to make owning art easier, as well as offering support to artists and commercial galleries and contributing to the long term sustainability of the regional art scene. The scheme was launched in Sydney in early 2015 and has since expanded across Australia and New Zealand. The scheme is currently available to Australian and New Zealand residents only.

Auckland Art Fair runs from 25 to 29 May at The Cloud on Auckland’s Queen’s Wharf.

Camilla Wagstaff

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