Artist Interview: Lauren Brincat - Art Collector

27 March 2012

Sydney based artist Lauren Brincat solo exhibition Shoot from the Hip opens at Anna Schwartz Gallery in Sydney. She speaks to Australian Art Collector on the eve of her debut solo exhibition.

Lauren Brincat, Sway, 2012. Video documentation of an action Production still. Courtesy: the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery. Photo: Nick Hudson

Can you tell me where you got the name Shoot from the Hip?

Shoot From the Hip is the expression used to describe shooting intuitively without aim, like a instinctive reaction or response. I liked the sentiment of this term in regards to how I make my performances.

My performances are very often one-shot takes on video that capture a unique performance. The works have very little editing and they usually happen quite fast for a video production.

What are the main themes that you explore in this exhibition?

There were a number of ideas and points of interest that I considered whilst making the works and Bas Van Alder was one of them. I was inspired by his practice of leaving things to chance and spontaneity as well as the mythic tale of his death.

I have also been interested in movement, in particular invisible forces of movement like the wind or sound waves. I see these forces as kind of everlasting and they only spread so far from their origin before they pale to insignificance...Shoot from the Hip is an assemblage of many things that I’ve been pondering.

Is Shoot from the hip in terms of style and content and practice different to what you have done in the past?

In the past, my work has been about pushing myself, testing my own physical and mental limits.

I suppose the nature of art is progression, so repetition is constant and so is change depending on the angle and the intention of your gaze. I feel like my work is continually progressing and aspects retained from former works and periods of production are adopted in newer works.

My whole practice has developed out of my training as a painter, that is where my theoretical grounding and compositional sensibility developed. Everything I do is informed by painting but develops intuitively.

Lauren Brincat, Steady As She Goes, 2011
Documentation of an action Single-channel digital video; 16:9, colour, sound 2 minutes, 40 seconds. Courtesy: the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery. Photo: Nick Hudson.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I find inspiration all over the place. It seems to me to be a frame of mind rather than a destination and I really enjoy new experiences and meeting new people. Life in general is what inspires me.

It seems like you work primarily in photography, video and performance, have you always worked in these mediums?

I consider myself a painter despite not using a brush or paint. I studied in the painting department and at one stage was producing hard edge geometric paintings. I think the origin of the works I am making is not that distant from painting. But I do think the work I make is primarily performance based and occasionally I produce objects. I am not so hung up about the medium, I feel the important thing is the quality of the intention and the execution of the gesture.

Can you tell me a bit about your art making practice? How do you get started and what drives you to complete a work? Is there a point where you know it’s complete?

I work constantly. I think all artists do really. It isn't really a thing you can switch off or take a holiday from, It is in everything all the time. The trick for me is to be ready and be able to capitalize on a moment or an inspiration when it presents itself.

For example, I had this work [
Steady as she goes] in mind in an abstract form. The idea was about disappearing into the landscape and it would be illusive and at the same time very strong. I woke up one morning while I was working in the French countryside to find the barn totally covered in cloud. I set up the camera and tripod and walked across the field into the cloud until I disappeared. It was complete once I was unable to see anything but white.

Lauren Brincat's exhibition
Shoot from the hip is on show at Anna Schwartz Gallery in Sydney until 21 April.

Amy Yang

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