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Emma Davies, The Gift, 2011. Polypropylene and bone. Courtesy: the artist

16 March 2012 | Emma Davies, Jeremy Kibel and James Hullick have jointly won a $450,000 commission to produce artwork for the entrance and lobby area of a new high-end residential development, Fifty Albert, on Albert Road in South Melbourne.

Selected by a panel guided by MARS gallery director Andy Dinan, who represents Kibel, the artists were to be young to mid-career with an environmental focus and working in new media.

Davies, a Melbourne-based artist, will create an artistic interpretation of the cherry blossom in flower, which will be installed on the ceiling of Fifty Albert’s foyer.

Kibel will etch a series of grey and black birds on glass, which will then be set into the stone walls of the Fifty Albert exterior.

Hullick will create an interactive sound bench for the entrance of the building, which will produce a soundscape for visitors when triggered by motion sensors. Sounds made for the installation will be soft and subtle, with a mixture of ambient electronic audio and sound recorded from nature.

The three artists have begun work with commissions due for completion in mid 2013.

Zoe Wilesmith

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