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Gary Carsley, Musician Chinois from the Schloss Sansouci, Potsdam. Wall Statue 3, hand cut wall paper applied directly to wall, edition of 8, 239 x 88cm. Courtesy: the artist, Pavel Zubok & Thatcher Projects New York.

The work of established Brisbane-born, Sydney-based artist Gary Carsley is included in a major exhibition titled Amusing Style staged at Pavel Zoubok’s Gallery in New York.

According to the gallery, the exhibition is about the theatrical, eclectic and decidedly collage-like approach to interior decoration that was championed in the pages of
British Vogue during the roaring twenties.

Carsley’s works will be accompanied by artists including Ann Agee, Jane Benson, Joseph Cornell, Grace Hartigan, Robert Kushner and Man Ray.

Carsley’s works in the show derive from his exhibition
Sciencefictive, an installation that will open again mid-September at Kunstverein in Ulm, before travelling to the Visual Arts Centre of New Jersey.

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