Back Issues 2009

Issue 50
October-December 2009
Profiling artists including Peter Atkins, Danie Mellor, Tony Lloyd and Fiona Foley. Plus Australian Art Collector's founding editor, publisher and editor-in-chief celebrate 50 issues.
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Issue 49
July-September 2009
Special Under $5000 annual feature, presenting work by John Coburn, Emily Ferretti, Nick Austin and Kate Shaw. Plus profiles of Janet Laurence, Miwa Yanagi, Andrew Browne and cover artist Anne Zahalka.
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Issue 48
April-June 2009
Special Undiscovered annual feature, presenting work by Jake Walker, Gian Manik and Peter McKay. Plus artist profiles including Sam Leach, Todd Hunter and Nyarapi Giles.
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Issue 47
January-March 2009
With 50 of Australia's Most Collectable Artists, selected this year by a new panel of experts - Australian Art Collector's subscribers. Plus special feature on 50 Things Collectors Need to Know.
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