Barry Keldoulis appointed Art Month Sydney Creative Director - Art Collector

Barry Keldoulis. Portrait by Nikki Short.

Barry Keldoulis has just been announced as the Artistic Director for Art Month Sydney 2016. This follows Barry’s recent success as Director of Sydney Contemporary art fair in 2013 and 2015 and the Melbourne Art Fair in 2014.

“Art Month 2016 throws the elemental pieces of that engine down in front of you, artists, art schools, studios, galleries, institutions, both “bricks and mortar and virtual”, collections private and public, for you to piece together how these form a working whole,” says artistic director Barry Keldoulis.

Art Month Sydney returns in 2016, from 1 March – 20 March. Comprises of exhibitions, talks, tours, experiences and the much-loved Precinct Nights, Art Month Sydney sets out to highlight the galleries, institutions, ARIs, art schools, artists and curators that generate Sydney’s marketplace of ideas.

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Jessa Melicor

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