Bett Gallery celebrates its 25th anniversary - Art Collector

Philip Wolfhagen, The Painters Landscape V, 2010. Oil & beeswax on linen, unframed
118 x 96cm. Courtesy: the artist

18 July 2011 | Hobart stalwart Bett Gallery is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month with a major exhibition featuring 25 artists.

The family-run gallery was established by Dick and Carol Bett and is now largely run by their children Emma Bett and Jack Bett.

The exhibition, which has been subtitled An unfolding journey, will feature several artists who have been with the gallery since its early days – among them Helen Wright, Philip Wolfhagen and David Keeling – as well as younger artists like Annika Koops and Tricky Walsh.

The exhibition continues until 2 August 2011.

Jane O'Sullivan

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