Bradd Westmoreland: Cosmic Bird Song - Art Collector

Bradd Westmoreland, Cosmic bird song, 2017-18. Oil on linen, 145 x 195cm. Courtesy of the artist and Niagara Galleries, VIC.  Westmoreland uses pure colour to create a rich visual experience. His landscapes take the viewer to sensitively depicted spaces reminiscent of modernist Europe. He is interested in the play of form, light and colour to suggest spaces ripe for discovery.

In these recent paintings, Westmoreland states that ‘some call for an up close and personal space, while others a little more open, with more air. The imagery remains open ended, one can move in and out of the painting. With your eyes and also your mind. They are slow paintings l think. They take time.’

There is a musicality that permeates the paintings, not only in the motif of the piano, but also in the swirling brush strokes visible in the dominant skies or water bodies. Almost like a conductors baton, the brush seeks to harmoniously link the components of the works, creating both a vortex of brilliant colour and melancholy vastness.

Exhibition Opens:
6pm-8pm, Tuesday 8 May 2018
Exhibition Closes:
2 June 2018
Niagara Galleries, 245 Punt, Rd, Richmond, VIC 3121
03 9429 3666

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