Brett Graham, 2018. Wall work detail. Courtesy: the artist and Two Rooms Gallery, Newton.

Since 2014, the nation has commemorated numerous centenaries in remembrance of World War One. Brett Graham's Monument is, in a sense, an anti-monument to the Great War, made instead to remember June 11th 1918, when Te Puea Herangi and Waikato Maori made a stand against the conscription that had been imposed on them. Graham’s 'monument' however, is in the style of a block fort from the Waikato Wars (1863-4), a pioneer’s house, or a redoubt enclosure build to protect frontier property. All are symbols of the invasion of the Waikato and the reason Te Puea had objected to conscription, her tribe having been rendered landless 53 years before by the same government that had expected them to partake in the war effort. 

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Thursday 12 July 2018.
Exhibition closes: 11 August 2018
Location: Two Rooms, 16 Putiki St, Newton, Auckland 1021
Phone: +64 9 360 5900


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