Brett Stone marks 25 years with Rex Irwin - Art Collector

Rex Irwin and Brett Stone.

11 September 2012 | Brett Stone has just celebrated his 25th anniversary at Sydney’s Rex Irwin Art Dealer.

A statement from the gallery issued last week thanked Stone for his contribution and included reminiscences from gallery owner Rex Irwin, among many others.

Irwin says: "In 1986 I visited the Lister Gallery in Perth where I was pounced on by a young man who said, 'Hello Mr Irwin'. I was startled, as I did not know the young man and I had never been to Perth before. Brett noticed my surprise and said, 'my name is Brett Stone and I saw you recently on the Sunday Program talking to Sam Fullbrook’.

“I thought anyone with that memory for people and who watched arts programs on Sunday mornings should work for me.”

Irwin goes on to describe Stone, now a director, as the “backbone” of the gallery, popular with both artists and clients. Indeed, gallery artist Cressida Campbell describes him as "an artist's psychiatrist as he is very patient and sensitive to our various nervous needs”.

Irwin adds: “Brett has a new career which luckily will not take him away from the gallery. He has become a potter and will have his first solo show at the end of October this year.”

Jane O'Sullivan

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