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Mary Dhapalany, woven mat, 2015. Pandanus and natural dyes, 150cm diameter. Courtesy: the artists and Bula'bula Arts, Northern Territory

The remote settlement of Ramingining in north east Arnhem Land has operated an art centre since its establishment in the late 1970s. In the 1990s, Bula’bula Arts Aboriginal Corporation was established to service artists in in Ramingining community, surrounding outstations and homelands, which are situated in the Arufura wetlands about 30 kilometres inland from the Arafura Sea.

The township of Ramingining is built on land owned by the Djadawitjibi people of the Djinang group. The region is now home to more than 16 clans speaking 14 different languages.

The name Bula’bula refers to the message embodied in the song-cycle of the area’s principal creative being, Garrtjambal the red kangaroo. More literally, it translates as the tongue, or voice of the kangaroo.

The centre looks after approximately 150 artist members, with a core group of around 30 artists. It also participates in community engagement activities and a youth arts program.

Bula'bula offers newly renovated accommodation for visitors to Ramingining and Bula’bula Arts Centre and visits can include participatory art experiences such as weaving or bark painting and visits to artist’s homelands.

Access information

Visitors are welcome during business hours Monday to Friday and via appointment on weekends. Flights leave from Darwin Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Vehicle access in the dry season available with Permit from NLC.

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