Camilla Tadich: Missing - Art Collector

Camilla Tadich, ‘Flightpath’, 2018. Oil on linen, 55 x 40cm. Courtesy: the artist and MARS Gallery, Windsor. 

  The artist says: “With a paradoxical fascination, and at once inducing fear, a longing to be enveloped and immersed occurs. The muted colour of the eucalypt forest crackles underfoot, echoing of gunshots and a distant yelp of an unknown animal, the glare of spotlights from a ute that leaves a trail of carnage in its path. Traces of the known seem to reassure in such darkness but also cast a disquieting presence. We stumble into this darkness without invitation, a world where familiar objects beckon and yet prey upon us with a sense of foreboding and dread.”

Exhibition opens: 3-5pm Saturday 8 December 2018

Exhibition closes: 20 December 2018

Location: MARS Gallery, 7 James St Windsor VIC


Phone: + 61 3 9521 7517



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