Cate Maddy: Best Imitation - Art Collector

Cate Maddy, Cracks In The Pavement, 2012. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 120 x 84cm.

In accordance with the maxim that an artist must be witness to his or her own experience, Maddy's landscapes have naught to do with sweeping plains, wooded hills or pastoral vistas. Instead, her bright-hued canvases manifest an acceptance of place and urban reality. They offer a window into another order of perception - the poetic linking of landscape and human existence. Here we may discover beauty in the most unlikely locales.

Opening drinks: 6-8pm Saturday 7 April
Exhibition closes: 26 April 2012
Location: Anthea Polson Art , 18-20 Mariners Cove, Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, QLD
Contact: 07 5561 1166

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