Ceara Metlikovec: Indigo - Art Collector

Ceara Metlikovec, Indigo March 8, 2017. Graphite on watercolour paper, 101.6 x 66 cm
. Courtesy of the artist and Fox Jensen McCrory Gallery, Auckland.

Ceara Metlikovec’s large drawings place us in front of a gently oscillating screen – one that steps in and out of a caliginous depth. Like Agnes Martin, Metlikovec establishes the province and begins a regime of marking the paper, inching across this field, gesture by single gesture, until it is complete. This accumulation of single vertical graphite bands traces time and pressure. Like a closely observed genome map they appear to be an information barcode that carries data in their form and their material in their processional gesture.

Exhibition opens: 5:30pm-7:30pm, Thursday 25 May 2017
Exhibition closes: 24 June 2017
Location: Fox Jensen McCrory Gallery, 10 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland, NZ
Email: jensen@jensengallery.co.nz

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