Chih-Hung Kuo: The Sound of Silence - Art Collector

Chih-Hung KUO, A Mountain (26), 2015. Oil on canvas, 80 x 160cm. Courtesy: the artist and Aki Gallery Taipei

By Jason Chung Tang Yen

Mountains are magnificent features of the earth, Taiwanese artist Chih-Hung Kuo’s latest development in his series of mountainous landscapes, on view at Taipei’s Aki Gallery, gives off a sense of passage, a journey that is both literal and figurative. His paintings take the audience on an enchanting adventure to the peaks of mountains, through snowy fields and alpine forests.

The use of positive and negative spaces in his work conveys a combination of eastern and western aesthetics. His perspective is evocative to literati painting in ancient China, but the artist skillfully embeds this cultural context within the unique and personal take on Western painting method. With an experience in Germany, the artist’s romantic interpretation of nature is enthralling.

There’s a certain musicality to the silent, meditative atmosphere of his work. It’s almost lyrical and echoes through the canvas into time and space. Solitude is evident in the pictures and the landscapes, sometimes treacherous, inadvertently imply the challenges in life.

Nevertheless, through the journey of tests and trials, the spectacular view is rewarding in its glory. The story is not about conquering nature or the triumph of mankind, it’s the process of living with the life-giving land. Smell the air of freedom, the lack of human interaction, and the winds blowing through. Can a lack of audio also be a type of sound? Listen to the mountains, listen with your heart.

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