Chonggang Du: Afterimage - Art Collector

Chonggang Du, ‘After image No. 4’, 2015. Oil on canvas, 71.5 x 91.5cm. Courtesy: the artist and Fox Galleries, Melbourne.

 Having immigrated to Australia from his native China in 2003, Chonggang Du has an acute awareness of the differing cultures he has known first-hand. Carefully chosen motifs are loaded with references to political and social histories from both cultures, colliding with others from the present day.

Du’s works are archaeological artefacts in a sense, voiceless objects that carry with them a plethora of historical and social critique, evidence of cultural foibles and practices across different eras and regions. Du offers us fragments that act as gateways to thought, sometimes memory, and speculation. 

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm, Thursday 16 August 2018
Exhibition closes: 14 September 2018
Location: Fox Galleries, 79 Langridge St Collingwood VIC
Phone: +61 3 8560 5487


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