Claire Anna Watson: Neoplasm - Art Collector

Claire Anna Watson, Neoplasm, 2017, HD Video 4096 x 2160p, edition of 3 + 1AP. Courtesy of the artist and MAY SPACE

Claire Anna Watson explores ephemeral matter as a vehicle for discussing our relationship with humanity and the environment. In Neoplasm, associations are linked between clinical procedures and the food we eat. In a surreal and visceral fashion, we are led to consider the slippage between plastic and natural realities and the extent to which humans have control over the environment. Watson reflects on how natural elements can become distorted and synthesised, creating new hybrid forms. We are asked to consider what humanity's role might be in the ongoing customisation and distortion of the natural world and whether humans are unwittingly cultivating a world engulfed in mutations.

Exhibition opens: 3pm-5pm, Saturday 5 August 2017
Exhibition closes: 19 August 2017
Location: MAY SPACE, 409b George Street, Waterloo NSW 2017
Contact: +61 2 9318 1122
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