Claudia Jowitt + Ruth Thomas-Edmond - Art Collector

Detail from works by Claudia Jowitt and Ruth Thomas-Edmond. Courtesy the artists and Bartley + Company

Claudia Jowitt and Ruth Thomas-Edmond, two artists who regularly show in the gallery, share an interest in what may be called everyday abstraction. Both are makers of multi-layered abstract works, which speak to the world in which they are created. Both also build their forms – which move between two and three-dimensionality – through repetition and accumulation of material and mark-making. Rarely simply paint on canvas, their work incorporates found materials from cardboard to seeds, beads and metal or even coconut husk in Claudia’s work.

Exhibition Opens: 5.30pm-7.30pm, Wednesday 27 September 2017
Exhibition Closes: 28 October 2017
Location: Bartley + Company, 56A Ghuznee St, Wellington, New Zealand 6011
Contact: +64 4 802 4622
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