Claudia Jowitt: South of North - Art Collector

Claudia Jowitt, Na Ceva VI, 2016. Found crab shell, leather offcuts, aluminium and brass offcuts, acrylic and oil on panel mounted linen. Courtesy: the artist and Bartley + Company Art, Wellington

Claudia’s richly textured and layered paintings in test the limits of what paint can do. Here all sorts of tools and kitchen implements — from icing bags and decorator tips to tile grouting combs — are employed to squeeze, mould and push oil and acrylic paint into distinctive surfaces that are almost sculptural reliefs.

Challenging mid-century, modern, masculine notions of pure painting with all its disdain for the decorative, Claudia’s paintings are a feminine and feminist reclamation of luscious surface. Notions of purity are also subverted with the inclusion of found elements, which speak to location and identity. Reflecting her partial Fijian heritage, several of the works incorporate masi (Fijian tapa cloth), magimagi (coconut husk cord) and shell as well as plant, stone and leather.

Exhibition opens: 5.30–7.30pm Wednesday 10 August 2016
Exhibition closes: 3 September 2016
Location: Bartley + Company Art, 56A Ghuznee Street, Wellington NZ
Contact: +64 4 802 4622

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