Claudia Kogachi: Those are my f-ing shoes - Art Collector

Claudia Kogachi, ‘Obachan’, 2019. Acrylic on canvas, 68.5 x 45cm. Courtesy: the artist and Sanderson Contemporary, Auckland.

  'Those are my f-ing shoes' is the next series of work by Kogachi, depicting scenes of competition or dispute with her mother, where the popular domestic bystander, the dog, is introduced.

Characteristic of her painted scenes, we find sport and fun paired with relational issues that are teased out for our entertainment. 'Those are my f-ing shoes' features Kogachi's bright, bold and comical canvases with guest appearances from the dog, the humble muted referee. "If only one could clearly communicate to their dog, my mother and I would have had years and years of third-party opinion on our disputes," says the artist.

Exhibition opens: 5:30-7.30pm, Tuesday, 19 February 2019
Exhibition closes: 10 March 2019
Location: Sanderson Contemporary, 2-4 Kent Street, Osbourne Lane, Newmarket, Auckland
Phone: +64 9 520 0501


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