Clay Smith: Trimorphism - Art Collector

Clay Smith, Shopping in the De Negen Straatjes with Maaike & Hanna (A & B), 2011. Oil, ink solvent on canvas

Split up into three parts, Trimorphism creates a satirical narrative of unique painted artworks, exploring the interplay between society and culture both at home and abroad.

Morph one- Osaka to Amsterdam
Two cultures one plane ride.

Morph two- The Dirty Mexican
The Dirty Mexican will satirically compare iconic and unique cultural landmarks, both highbrow and lowbrow in QLD and NSW to his superior Victorian counterparts.

Morph three- Uncle Bunny’s idiosyncrasies
The enigmatic force of Uncle Bunny, his origins and the present day truth of this “supposed international saviour”.

Opening: 6.30-8.30pm Saturday June 30
Exhibition closes: 15 July 2012
Location: Salerno Gallery , 70 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Contact: 02 9660 0899

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