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Michael Hobbs. Courtesy: Art Month Sydney

13 March 2013 | Art Collector and Art Month Sydney are collaborating to bring you interviews with the collectors who were selected for the special pop up exhibition Collector's Space. This week Michael Hobbs answers our questions.

When and why did you start collecting art?

I have always been very interested in new ideas and what’s happening with contemporary culture and art has always been an important part of that. I have always been a bit of a collector, cigarette cards at the age of eight and then coins a little later at the age of ten. I bought an old map of Buckinghamshire when I was 15 and perhaps that was technically the first work that I bought. I also used to also buy various prints from the Left Bank in Paris, but the first proper official artwork I bought was in 1963 from the Hungry Horse gallery, where Lucios now stands.

Does your collection have a specific theme or focus?

Colour has always been important to me. My works also have various sections, there is a landscape section, a section on shipping and an abstract or cutting edge section. Sculpture also plays a prominent part, which is surprising given the small size of my home, which is only a four room space with a corridor and a veranda.

What is your most recent acquisition? And what led you to collecting this particular work?

I never go out looking to buy works, but occasionally something hits me. A couple of days ago, I bought a picture by the artist Savanhdary Vongpoothorn. I've been following her work for some time and this particular work was the just the right colour, shape etc that appealed to me. I didn’t have a proper space, but I had a good idea for its position in place of something else, so I was able to find a good spot for the displaced work and I am very pleased with its new home.

Visit the
Collector's Space to view works from six private collections, including Michael Hobbs'. The Collector's Space is running as part of Art Month Sydney and will be open until 23 March 2013.

Alexandra Djurichkovic

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