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L-R: Dick Quan and Clinton Ng. Courtesy: Art Month Sydney

20 March 2013 | Art Collector and Art Month Sydney are collaborating to bring you interviews with the collectors who have been selected for the special pop up exhibition Collector's Space. This week Dick Quan and Clinton Ng answer our questions.

When and why did you start collecting art?

Dick Quan: 21 years old, when I was given art for my birthday.

Clinton Ng: Around 2001. I needed a new interest whilst struggling to complete my PhD.

Does your collection have a specific theme or focus?

DQ: No, it embraces all that is new, accomplished and I like difficult works.

CN: Several - figurative, abstract and outer space related.

What was the first work you acquired for your collection?

DQ: A Lindy Lee painting In preference for specific virtues.

CN: John Coburn's Study for Red Centre, a work on paper

What is your most recent acquisition? And what led you to collecting this particular work?

DQ: HAHAN's Dub Youth. I really like the new political art of Indonesia which mixes grafitti art, political art and the post kawaii art of the Pacific Rim.

CN: Adrian Ghenie's Pie Fight 9. Adrian is a very exciting young Romanian artist whom I have been following for some time. He has been in shows in the last two Venice biennales and is in many important collections. His works are lush and very skilfully painted...somewhat Bacon-esque. I feel very privileged to have his works.

Do you have a favourite work in your collection and why?

DQ: The Last Riot by AES+F, it is a life changing and aesthetic changing work and they are rare.

CN: Thomas Hirschhorn's The Subjecter, a sculpture work. It is a powerful work that commands a reaction. It is beautiful but on close inspection is rendered from a banal shop mannequin and hardware shop nails which shimmer in light and look jewel like from afar. After I bought the work, it inspired Nick Mitzevich and Dick Quan to commission similar works for AGSA and Dick's collection.

If price and accessibility were irrelevant, what would be your next dream acquisition?

DQ: Either a Nick Cave (American artist not Aussie songster) soundsuit OR Jeff Koons' Michael Jackson with Bubbles porcelain sculpture. A masterpiece of objectified kitsch colliding with artisan craft. It was a definite aesthetic changer in its day.

CN: Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog.

Visit the
Collector's Space to view works from six private collections, including Dick Quan's and Clinton Ng's. The Collector's Space is running as part of Art Month Sydney and will be open until 23 March 2013.

Alexandra Djurichkovic

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