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Rover Thomas, Cyclone Tracy Painting, 1994. Natural pigments and synthetic polymer paint on canvas 100 x 140cm. Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory Collection Courtesy: the artist and S.H Ervin Gallery

 Country & Western: landscape re-imagined is features works by leading Australian artists and brings into focus our evolving attitudes and perceptions of the national landscape over the past twenty-five years.
As well, the vexed issues of dispossession, identity, collaboration, mining and land degradation, along with the country’s natural splendour are all viewed from differing cultural perspectives. Conceived and assembled by curator Gavin Wilson, the paintings, graphics, photographs, video and sculpture have been sourced from major public galleries and private collectors throughout the land. A Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Exhibition

  Exhibition opens: 30 October 2015
Exhibition closes: 6 December 2015
Location: S.H. Ervin Gallery, Watson Road, Observatory Hill, The Rocks, Sydney
Contact: 02 9258 0173

About S.H Ervin Gallery
The S.H. Ervin Gallery is one of Sydney’s leading public art institutions housed in the historic National Trust Centre on Observatory Hill, The Rocks in Sydney. The Gallery’s exhibition program is designed to explore the richness and diversity of Australian art, both historical and contemporary, and present it in new contexts. The Gallery is renowned for encouraging research and promoting scholarly appraisal of artists from all periods of Australian art history. In addition, the S.H. Ervin Gallery has developed an excellent name for presenting important exhibitions and programs that recognise the valuable contribution made by Australian women artists.

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