Craig Handley: Anomalies - Art Collector

Craig Handley, Browallia (assembly required). Oil on canvas, 71 x 81cm. Courtesy: the artist and Anthea Polson Art.

Narrative intrigue is engendered in the pervading stillness, dramatic illumination and the introduction of the unexpected into otherwise unremarkable tableaux. Handley never gives the full story away. Nothing is directly stated. "I like enigmatic and mysterious subject matter," says the Sydney-based artist. "My paintings aim for an uneasy mood - that slightly unsettling feeling when the familiar is tinged with the unknown. I try for questions not answers."

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Saturday 20 August 2016
Exhibition closes: 3 September 2016
Location: Anthea Polson Art, 120 Marina Mirage, 74 Seaworld Drive Main Beach
Contact: 07 556 111 66
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