Criena Court: Angles + shapes + geos + space - Art Collector

Criena Court, Palm Springs (detail)

Criena Court’s new series of work, looks at the visual relationship of space, through her continuing philosophical investigation into ideas of reality and the viewer’s perception.

By visually investigating the relationship between geometry and nature, the artist is beginning to look at the part mathematics and science play in the human desire to understand perception and reality.

The mixed media is layered. Form and colour overlap the landscape, a multilayered perspective, creating a new, or un reality.

The viewer is asked to enter and create a new space for the work to interact with their position and philosophy.

Colour is striking. From the same palette, but taken in different directions, sometimes harmonising, sometimes contrasting, dissonant.

Janet layers her paintings, building levels of translucency, using heavy brushes, juicy with paint and passion.

Fractured plains, layers, multiple perspectives enhance the spatial element, achieving complex open and closed areas of canvas, the different translucencies creating a ‘jungle’ of paint. Gemma Ben-Ary/Ruari Jack Hughes.

Opening drinks: 6-8pm Tuesday 1 May
Exhibition closes: 23 May 2012
Location: Robin Gibson Gallery, 278 Liverpool Street Darlinghurst
Contact: 02 9331 6692

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