Crispin Akerman: Solo exhibition - Art Collector

Crispin Akerman, Coffee pot, jugs and bottles, oil on linen, 112 x 91cm. Courtesy: the artist and Beaver Galleries, Canberra

Crispin Akerman has earned a significant reputation for the fine balance and elegant simplicity of his still life paintings. Ceramics, enamelware and elements of flora evoke a sense of beauty and history more concerned with relations between things and patterns of meaning, rather than with a representational depiction of the objects themselves. His work is highly constructed, with objects arranged over underlying geometries, and the space between is as important as the objects depicted. Of primary concern to Akerman's practice is an investigation of formal and thematic concerns of the still life - harmony, balance, light and atmosphere.

Opening: 6pm Thursday 7 February 2013
Exhibition closes: 28 February 2013
Location: Beaver Galleries, 81 Denison Street, Deakin ACT 2600
Contact: 02 6282 5294

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